abril 25, 2019

Houghton MWS Additive AF 2290 25L


MWS ADDITIVE AF 2290 is an anti-foam additive, based on
organo modified poly-siloxanes for emulsions containing oil
and and oil-free water solubles as well as cleaners.
MWS ADDITIVE AF 2290 can be used to improve the foaming
characteristics of emulsions.
Before using such an anti-foam additive, water hardness
should be checked. If hardness is too low (<10 °d) it is more
effective to use MWS ADDITIVE AF 201 to harden the water.
If this does not work, MWS ADDITIVE AF 2290 can be an

MWS ADDITIVE AF 2290 is used by adding to fluids where
foaming difficulties occur. For maximum efficiency the additive
should be pre-diluted into water or emulsion, and the diluted
product poured directly into the emulsion system.
MWS ADDITIVE AF 2290 may be added to new systems or to
existing fluids. It should be added at a point of agitation in the
system to aid dispersion (but obviously not close from filtering

General : 0.01 – 0.02% (10 – 20 mL for 100 L)
Maximum : 0.05 % (50 mL for 100 L)