junio 24, 2022

Kyodo Yushi Citrax EP N1 0,4Kg


Cartucho Grasa Kyodo. Citrax EP No 1 grease by Kyodo Yushi is a multi-purpose grease made mainly from refined mineral oil and lithium soap with EP additives containing no toxic heavy metals which are regulated as noxious industrial wastes. Citrax EP No 1 is excellent in heat-resistance, water-resistance and EP property as well as mechanical stability, and suitable for general application and sliding surfaces.

The Citrax EP No 1 grease has a service temperature range of between-20℃ and 130℃, uses Lithium Soap as the thickener, mineral oil as the base oil and has base oil kinematic viscosity (100℃) of 15.6mm2/s using the test method ASTM D445.